Finding God?—- Part 1

It was quite disturbing to see some of the ways this man performs these supposed miracles. To some patience’s he literary cuts their chest open and then puts his finger inside the cut moving it around as to massage it. This is not only gross but also unsanitary. A practice like this can cause a serious infection to someone.  And that’s not all! To others, he takes a knife and starts using it like a razor scrapping up and down on the eye itself as if he was taking layers out of them. Did I mention this man has never had any kind of medical background in his resume? As of matter of fact, he can’t read or write.


These scenes are hard to watch but for John of God this seems to be the practices God has guided him throughout the years—so he says. Pages can be written on this man and they have but what impacted me the most was the extent people were willing to go to receive this man’s miraculous work. Their hope was fixed on what this man can do for them regarding their medical condition.

Four Americans were interviewed for this series and each explained their reasons why they had visited John of God. They appear to be full of hope and anticipation as they expressed their feelings in been around the camp surrounded by others whose journey have also take them there. They anticipated something would change in their lives drastically and healing would be just a couple of days away.

Personally, I’m not sure what was more frustrating in watching this new episode: this man performing these so called “miracles” or his followers convinced that he can actually perform them. One American interviewed by Oprah was asked what her purpose was to be there, her response is the reason for this 3 part series of post—she answered “…I want to find God; I want to get close to him…”

I’ve been a Christian for over 10 years and not once has anyone told me or I’ve heard that God was lost. Has God all of the sudden hidden from us as to play hide-and-seek? Could it be that God just appears here and there and then goes back to His hidden place? If so, then this is not the God that I serve—the God of the Bible.

I understand the intentions behind the phrase “I want to find God” but with those intentions wise choices need to be made in order to “find” God. If we act on our impulses we can make irrational decisions that can lead to a ruined life and also affect those around us.

I promise you, God is not hidden anywhere. In fact, He continues to seat on His throne as He did before the beginning of time. Words like search, quest, or pursuit are synonyms that can best fit our spiritual journey to have a deeper relationship with God.

Part 2 coming soon!



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